Motor City Comic Con

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Motor City Comic Con

Postby BRYZORD » Sat May 17, 2014 1:12 pm

I stopped by the 501st booth yesterday at the Motor City Comic Con and met some of you guys the other day! *I was the guy in the TK 421 shirt*

It was really nice to actually meet some of you for the first time! And really awesome to see the amazing work you guys have done on your costumes IN PERSON! :thumbs: and to get some advice about the build for a TK!

Can't wait to get my pieces and start my build! just need a little more $ :lol:

ALSO, the one who was dressed as the Red Spy from Team Fortress 2, that was awesome! and also, sorry to the TK that dropped your Thermal Det. :rotflmao: that was pretty funny though

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