New person asking for help

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New person asking for help

Post by Washington »

Hello there! My name is David and I’m looking to join the 501st. I’ve been talking to a few people on the Imperial Officer Corps forums and received some recommendations on where to get costume pieces for the ISB Officer that I’m going for. Since this is the garrison I’d likely be joining, I wanted to ask around here for some advice. I found a tunic from Denuo Novo ( ... ption-flex), and wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if it would be approved for Version One of the ISB Officer? Thanks!
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Re: New person asking for help

Post by Skykat »

I don't know about Denuo Novo... They're like... Anovos 2.0... I have no idea if their quality has improved or if their shipping time has improved. However, Anovos officers have been approved. Just pay attention to the sizing chart. Sizing is everything.

Check out this thread. It gives some tips on ordering from them. ... ent-187029

Most of the officers on here, are on the detachment forums, and you'll get most of your costume questions answered there, but love seeing new officers!!
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